Corporate Business Litigation

Corporate Business LitigationWe have also represented a number of businesses, both large and small, in connection with injuries they suffered in the course of doing business. We represented a computer service which had a substantial contract to provide a comprehensive business distribution monitoring system. Though most of the developmental work was completed, our client’s contract was terminated and the purchaser system used our client’s software and confidential information to complete their installation. Our client received a substantial settlement in the midst of a trial.

We’ve represented investors who have found that their investments had been diverted to purposes not agreed upon when they invested their money and as a result lost substantial investments. The actions have resulted in substantial settlements.

Our office has also successfully enforced judgments on behalf of a client whose licensing rights were being violated. In addition to obtaining settlements from some offenders, one establishment was closed by the city marshal until such time as payments were made.

We have also represented a number of businesses that had been the subject of regulatory action by various government agencies. Such representation has resulted in settlements in which we have been able to negotiate agreements with the regulatory agencies that successfully resolved investigations and enforcement actions. We’ve represented investors in both individual stock fraud actions and as co-counsel in a number of securities fraud class actions.

In addition, we have defended both corporations and individuals who have been sued for alleged breach of contract or other business misconduct. Recently, we successfully defended a group of investors in a restaurant who were sued by their fellow investors, and an investor in an investment fund sued by the trustee of that fund.