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Child Sexual Abuse Claims

Mr. Koppell and his associates currently represent claimants who were victimized and abused as children.

New York Has Enacted New Statute Of Limitations Laws


The Child Victims Act recently passed in New York, which greatly extends the timeframe in which victims can report their abuse and recover damages. Those abused as children will now have the right to sue, even though it happened many years ago.

In addition, there is also a short “look-back” window, in which victims of any age can bring legal action against their abusers, even if they were unable to do so in the past because of a prior statute of limitations. This includes people in their 60s, 70s or even older.

If you were abused as a child and are considering a lawsuit, you should take action as soon as possible. Our firm can help you explore the implications and guide you through the process.

Please contact us immediately if you would like to know more. We do not charge for any consultation.