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Our Results

The Law Offices of G. Oliver Koppell & Associates is a well-established firm with a long record of success in employment discrimination, personal injury, consumer class action and commercial cases.

Many of our cases have resulted in substantial six figure settlements or verdicts for our clients, and several cases have settled in the millions.

We are proud of the results we have achieved for our clients and hope that the case summaries in the Our Results pages help you understand more about our work.

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Summaries of cases involving automobile accidents and other negligence caused damages

We represented a young man seriously injured when his moped was struck by a car making a negligent turn at an intersection. A substantial settlement was recovered.

We represented a pedestrian seriously injured while crossing a street in Brooklyn in the crosswalk by a motorist who ignored the pedestrian’s right of way. The full amount of insurance was recovered for the injured client.

We represented an elderly woman who was injured when she fell across a roll of carpeting that was carelessly left by the front of the elevator in her apartment building. Our client broke her hip while attempting to enter the elevator. A substantial settlement was reached with the carpet installer.

We represented a bicyclist who was struck by a taxi while traveling in a bicycle lane. Although the taxi cab driver was a hit and run, we were able to recover four our client from the NYS Motor Vehicle Indemnification Corporation.

We successfully represented a woman who was injured by a slip and fall in the Port Authority Bus Terminal by failure to clean up water that had accumulated in the building’s elevator.

We represented two individuals who were injured in slip and falls in community facilities. In each case, we recovered a substantial settlement for the injuries they suffered as a result of negligent maintenance of the premises.

Medical Malpractice and injury from Medical Devices

We represented a large number of plaintiffs who had been injured as a result of obtaining Lasik eye surgery. After a fully litigated jury trial, we recovered a substantial verdict for one of our clients. In a number of other cases, we were able to negotiate substantial settlements for those whose eyesight was negatively affected by the Lasik treatments.

We were able to recover a substantial settlement in the case of a woman who had two metal rods implanted in her leg intended to assist her to walk after significant knee damage. Because of alleged defects in manufacture and design, both metals rods failed.

We negotiated a substantial settlement in the case of a woman who developed a life threatening pulmonary embolism as a result of using contraceptive medication without being appropriately informed of the risks.

We were able to obtain a settlement from a manufacturer of a massaging device which caused cataracts to develop in a young woman’s eyes when she used the massager too close to her eyes.