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Consumer Class Action Results

We have represented a number of consumers in successful class actions alleging fraud and deceptive practices by companies both large and small. Class actions are lawsuits where one or more people represent a large group of others injured in the same way. All of the cases below resulted in the Plaintiff and the class members being compensated for their injuries.

  • Can and Bottle Deposit Class Action

More than 30 years ago, G. Oliver Koppell was the primary sponsor for New York’s “Bottle Bill” as a state legislator. This bill allowed individuals to redeem cans and bottles for a five cent deposit. In 2015, his firm filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of individuals who were turned away by Duane Reade stores. This suit sought damages on behalf of people “who make a substantial portion of their income by collecting and recycling beverage containers.” The case was referred to arbitration. We recovered millions of dollars for our clients and other class members.

  • Palm Pilot Class Action

We have recovered a settlement on behalf of purchasers of computers and “Palm Pilot” remote communication devices who found that their computer hard drives were destroyed after being connected to the “Palm” communication devices.

  • Caller Identification Class Action

We have successfully represented telephone subscribers who found that their telephone numbers were revealed to users of caller ID services not withstanding a promise by the telephone company to keep those subscribers numbers confidential.

  • Assisted Living Tenants Overcharged For Rent and Services

We have successfully represented a group of tenants of assisted living facilities who had been overcharged for their rent and housing services.

  • Timeshare Campground Class Action

We have represented purchasers of memberships in timeshare campground resorts who have alleged that did not receive the type or quality of service for which they had contracted. The action resulted in a substantial settlement and refunds for the campground purchasers.

  • Deceptive Advertising Class Action

In several cases where we represented consumers who were misled by deceptive advertising, we not only recovered damages for injured consumers but achieved legally binding settlements which required that advertisers accurately describe the product and services that they were marketing.

  • Deceptive Pricing Scheme

We successfully represented a large group of cell phone subscribers who were the victims of a deceptive pricing scheme pursuant to which they charged for minutes that should have been provided without additional charge.

  • Fraudulent and Deceptive Practices By Credit Counseling Organizations

We have represented customers of credit counseling organizations that have allegedly utilized fraudulent and deceptive practices to attract customers who did not receive the benefits of lower interest rates, better payment terms and real assistance in getting out of debt.

  • Bank Depositors Class Actions

We have commenced class actions in both federal and state courts on behalf of thousands of depositors of four major banks claiming that the banks violated the law when improperly closing their accounts and charging them fees that we have alleged are improper. The issues in the cases are currently before the New York State Court of Appeals.

  • Borrowers and Home Owners Class Action

We have acted as co-counsel in a class action on behalf of borrowers and home owner customers of the Astoria Savings bank who alleged that they were charge improper and illegal fees by the bank. A settlement was negotiated in which bank customers were refunded the total amount of fees they claimed were improperly collected.